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2013 Hammett Cup - Club Portsmouth Championship
The 2013 Club Portsmouth Championship - aka - the Hammett Cup [named after the late Wayne Hammett] was held on Saturday, December 7, 2013.

We held our breadth over the weather.  Friday had delivered big winds and rain.  Depending on your weather app, Saturday would either be more of the same OR present a nice window between 1-4pm with winds in the 8mph range.

As if on  cue, mother nature delivered.  Ron Wright and Ed O'Keefe motored out in the committee boat to set up a windward-leeward course in the 6-10 mph breezes.  We never saw any rain.  By 1:15, everyone was set and the first of four races was underway.

Right off, Gregg and Kristin Antemann established on course dominance winning the first three races on the water.  While others tacked and played the shifts, Gregg chose to sail the long tack to the left and then tack back to the mark.  While others often looked like they were taking a shorter course with multiple tacks, Gregg and Kristin were first at the windward mark more often than not.  

But Phil Keenan with ace crew, Fred Herr and Jill Zakerski, tracked close behind.  Working inside on the starts and often sailing higher on the beat, the trio stayed close on the Antemann's heals - a tactic that would pay-off later.  In race four, Phil got real hot and won on the water.  

Behind these two, Ali Kishbaugh with Joanne Shields as crew dueled with Tom Guerrant for 3-4 on the water.  This day, Tom had banked on higher wind and his working class jib just wouldn't give him the power to successfully duel with Ali and her big genoa.  The former commodore had a great day on the water haning very close to the top two boats - a fact that would pay off huge in the calculations.  

​Behind these four boats, Bill Schiffli with Tom Martin as crew, Drew Lamparello, Robert Wilson, and Charles Wood all had their moments.  Charles retired with equipment problems and Drew had to leave after three races.  

All this had an impact on the final results. 

When the Portsmouth calculations were done the results became official.  The Antemann's Flying Scott gives up a lot of time in the calculations and the 89.7 DPN is quite fast compared to the mid 90's that the Ensigns and Ideal 18 carry.  Phil leapfrogged to first with four bullets.  Ali moved into second with four deuces.  The Antemann's finished a solid third.  

Everyone enjoyed a great chili lunch after racing and awards were presented.  Congratulations to all sailors on a great day.