Membership Meetings
Catawba Yacht Club
QUESTION: When are membership meetings held?
Answer: The CYC bylaws require an annual membership meeting in January and a special membership meeting in October of every year. The Secretary can also call for a membership meeting if the majority of the Board of Govenors or fifteen members request one. The Secretary must issue a notice to the members within seven days of the meeting. This usually happens two weeks before a meeting.

QUESTION: What is the purpose of the membership meetings?
Answer: The meetings allow members to vote on issues and condidates for offices. Each member gets a vote.

QUESTION: What is the schedule at a meeting?
Answer: The Club Calendar says meetings start at 6:30 PM. Members actually start arriving earlier to spend time talking with other members. The grills are fired up around 6:30 PM and are ready for cooking by 7:00 PM. Dinner starts as soon as the food is cooked. The business part of each meeting starts when most people have finished eating.

QUESTION: What do I bring to the meeting?
Answer: Please bring whatever you want to drink. The Entertainment Chairman will bring your steak or fish that you requested when you answered the RSVP issued by the Secretary. You get to cook it.

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