The Catawba Yacht Club is a private club that allows its members and guests of members to enjoy water sports on Lake Wylie, Charlotte, NC. Prospective members need a sponsor (a current member) who will introduce them to other members of the club and serve as mentors for the membership process. 

When a prospective member decides to join the club, they start with a guest membership that lasts up to one year. During the guest membership period, the prospective members must attend a minimum of two social functions, two boating activities of your choice, a workday, and a membership meeting. Guest members enjoy all club privileges except the right to vote on club business.

Prospective members complete an application for membership* that must include the endorsement of the sponsor and two co-sponsors. The Membership Committee and the Board of Governors vote on all new member applications.

Financial obligations for Catawba Yacht Club fall in to three categories: annual dues, facility fees, and an initiation fee.  Guest members pay annual dues plus fees for any slips or lockers they may desire to lease. 

At the end of the guest membership period, prospective members may apply to become full members.  At this time, a one time initiation fee becomes due.  

CYC does not have any paid staff. All club members participate in club operations and maintenance. Work days are scheduled for maintenance and cleanup activities. Club members also help prepare for parties and special events. Committees are formed to handle these activities.

Comprehensive details are available here:  MEMBERSHIP DETAILS

​*Download Guest Member Application Here.  (Tech Note: A word doc will download to your computer. It is easiest to work with if moved to the desktop or a documents folder. Word may ask to duplicate the file before editing and this is fine. It also suggested that the name be changed to "LastNameApplication" if applicant plans to submit by e-mail.)