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CYC Membership Meeting Notes


Be sure the notice for these meetings is mailed by the CYC Secretary at least two weeks before the meeting. The Bylaws requires that a notice be sent to members at least seven days before the meeting. You need more notice than seven days if you want a good turnout (i.e., a quorum).

Be sure your name and telephone numbers is included with an RSVP statement that asks the attendees to let you know if they are coming and their preference for steak or fish. If you use e-mail, have the Secretary include your e-mail address for the RSVP replies as an option.

If you must have a quorum to vote on issues, you and the other board members may have to split up the list of members and call them to encourage them to attend. The calls are most effective if they happen more than a week before the meeting to give folks a chance to alter their plans.

Most attendees will call or e-mail you the week before the meeting. A few will let you know as late as the day before. Sometimes one or two people will arrive without letting you know. One or two people will also not attend after telling they are going to do so. If you are lucky, the number of no-shows will equal the no-RSVPs. Buy one extra steak , one extra fish serving and a few extra potatoes.

The meeting notice says the meetings start at 6:30 PM. Folks start to arrive around 6:00 PM and will start to eat between 7:00 and 7:30 PM. The meeting starts when most people are finished eating.


Attendees supply their own drinks (e.g. BYOB). You supply the food and soft drinks. Attendees cook their own steaks/fish on the CYC grills.

Steaks: NY strip steaks is a favorite. The Harris Tetter butcher will cut them to order. Choice is good enough quality. A thickness of approximately ¾ inch works well on the grills.

Fish: Salmon works well on the grills. Get ½ to ¾ pound (cut to that size) per person requesting fish.

Salad: Buy the premixed bags of salad ingredients with a quantity of about 2.5 oz. per person (a 12 oz. bag serves about 5 people).

Baked potatoes: Get good size potatoes (about ¾ lb. each) and buy a few extra for the big eaters.

Pies: Buy one 8 inch pie for every 8 people. Harris Tetter pies are good. Buy at least two varieties: pecan, apple and cherry make folks happy.

Fixings: Bring the following:
- 1 lb. of butter for every 12 people
- 1 lb. of sour cream for every 12 people
- 3 varieties of salad dressing: Italian, Thousand Islands, Other (some low cal)
- A1 Steak sauce
- Salt/pepper
- Garlic salt
- Lemons

Tableware: House & Grounds is reponsible for restocking the supply of disposable tableware. You have to notify them of shortages. Be sure there are enough of the following on hand to match the number of attendees:
- Paper plates
- Paper saucers
- Paper salad bowls
- Forks/knives/spoons

Other: The following ites are are good to have on hand:
- Tin foil for cooking the fish

Note: Check the CYC refrigerator before buying salad dressings and steak sauce. There may be leftovers from the last party. Also check the storage areas for leftover salt and pepper.


You can leave the steaks/fish/salad in the CYC refrigerator if that is convenient. The steaks and fish should not be left un-refrigerated for very long. If you have any left, keep them refrigerated so you can sell them to the members or take them home later.

The potatoes take the longest time to prepare. History has shown the following works best:
- Wash the potatoes
- Dry them
- Prick their skins with a fork
- Wrap each in tin foil
- Preheat the oven to 375
- Cook the potatoes for 90 minutes at 375
- Place cooked potatoes in a cooler to keep them hot

The potatoes will stay hot for up to two hours if the cooler is well insulated and the top left closed before serving starts.

Start the charcoal grills about 20-30 minutes before you want to start cooking to let the charcoals get good and gray. Each grill can cook about 7-8 steaks or fish at a time.

Be sure the tables are setup in the CYC club house and covered with white paper table cloth. Recruit someone to help if no one volunteers.

Collect the money for the food as folks take the steaks to the grills. Be sure to check their names against your attendance list. Folks balk at a price that exceeds what they have grown accustomed to paying. Check with the Commodore to determine that ceiling. Try to keep the total cost of the purchased food and fixings below that level.


All leftover salad dressing and steak sauce can be placed in the CYC refrigerator. All other consumables should be trashed. If metal utensils are used, they should be washed and returned to the CYC storage areas by the next day so others can use them.

All trash should be hauled away. Food trash left at the club will attract animals and create a mess.