CYC Photo Albums - Got photos to share? Send to Ron Wright
Notes to Members and Guests

These albums contain photographs and may take some time to display for you if you are using a standard modem operating at 28-56Kbps. See the Frequently Asked Questions section for tips on ways to speed up your access to this web site.
If you are a member of CYC and want a copy of the library of photographs you see here, send me an e-mail at [email protected]. I will send you a ZIP file with all photographs--not individual shots. You can select individual shots after you unzip the file I send. You will need an unzip application to separate the photographs and a photo editor such as PhotoDraw to manipulate the photos or put them in an electronic album. All photographs are stored in JPEG format at 72-150 dpi. Most are 75 dpi and may not print in high quality on paper. They are optimized for display on a web site.
Sweet Memories of Past Years in the Club