The purpose of these rules is to govern the admission of prospective members, who may at a later date be considered for membership into the Catawba Yacht Club.  

The rules of Guest Membership are as follows:

1. Any two members of the Club serving as Cosponsors, may propose a person for Guest Membership after that person has been active in some club functions, has a good general understanding of the club and how it functions, and has filled out the required application.

2. The proposal shall be completed on the appropriate form provided by the Chairman of the Membership Committee or the prospective guest member's sponsors. The form is returned to the sponsors who submit to the Membership Chair.

3. If approved unanimously by the Membership Committee, a non-member shall be admitted to Guest Membership status for period of time not less than 90 days, nor longer than 365 days due to the requirements set forth in rule #6.

4. A sponsoring member (or Secretary) shall deliver to the Guest Member a copy of the Rules of the Club, The Bylaws, and Constitution and also acquaint the Guest Member with the use of the Club and its facilities. These are posted on the club website and a simple sharing of links is sufficient. A Guest Member must abide by the rules of the Club. The sponsor shall act as a “mentor” to the prospective member.

5. Upon the club receiving payment of required dues and fees, the Guest Member shall be delivered a club key.

a. Required dues: Guest member shall owe the equivalent of the effective annual dues [700] and 100% of any fees, which shall be prorated for remainder of the calendar year.  

b. If there are more than 6 months left in the year, the Guest member may divide dues into two payments, one due at the time of entry and one due on July 1. If there are 6 months or less remaining in the year, the full amount is due.

c. When the guest member enters full membership, s/he shall owe his first year dues and fees prorated for the remainder of the year plus the initiation fee. If there is a guest member balance remaining at the time of full membership, it shall be applied toward the cost of full membership.

d. If there are more than 6 months left in the year, the new member may divide dues into two payments, one due at the time of entry and one due on July 1. If there are 6 months or less remaining in the year, the full amount is due.

Note: The intent is to keep the entire membership, guest and regular members, on the same payment schedule. Funds are due at the point of membership, Jan1 and/or July 1.

6. The Guest Member shall then be required to attend an orientation session held by the Membership Committee once or twice a year, depending on the number of Guest Members, and also, a minimum number of club functions including, but not limited to, the following:
• Two social functions
• Two races, practices, classes, or other boating activities
• One workday
• One membership meeting

7. The Membership Committee shall confirm the Guest Member’s intent to either join or reject membership in the time frame set forth in Rule #3. If the Guest Member rejects membership, then all privileges, including unaccompanied access to the club, shall cease and the club key returned to the sponsor, then to the Secretary. In addition, the Guest Member shall remove all personal property from the premises within fifteen (15) days or said property becomes property of the Catawba Yacht Club. If the Guest Member conveys the desire to join the club, then the Board shall vote on membership at the next Board meeting, as set forth in the Club Bylaws; Article VII, Section 2.

The Board of Governors reserves the authority to terminate Guest Membership at any time, for any reason, upon a majority vote of the Board.

Through the process of inviting a prospective Guest Member to club activities over a period of time the:
• A Sponsor obtains Guest Member Application, Bylaws, Constitution, and Club Rules from Secretary.
• A Sponsor goes over the above documents with the candidate.
• Two Sponsors convey the completed Guest Membership/Membership Application to the Membership Committee.
• Membership Committee approves/rejects the candidate for Guest Membership, and informs the sponsor.
• Once approved, the candidate shall present a check (Rule #5) to either the sponsor or Membership Committee to convey to the Treasurer.
• The Secretary then sends the candidate a key.
• The Guest Member may then, space permitting, obtain a slip/boathouse space/locker.
• When the time period for Guest Membership is over, and if the requirements of Rule #6 have been satisfied, the Membership Committee determines whether or not the Guest Member wishes to join the Club.
• The Board of Governors shall then, at the next Board Meeting, vote as to whether or not to accept the Guest Member for Full Membership.

adopted January, 2009
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